My Personal Task Manager

I’ve tried dozens of productivity and task mangement software but nothing’s stuck. I keep returning to handwritten lists desperately wishing for a digital solution that works for me. So I decided to build one myself.

How to Kill All Background Jobs

You are at the end of a productive session and now you just want to clean up all your background processes. But you can’t think of an easy way to get rid of all those pesky processes.

How I Avoid a Thundering Herd of Slack Reminders

In theory, Slack Reminders are a great way to keep track of ad-hoc tasks that come up during a workday. However, I found my list of pending reminders just kept piling up. Initially, I used the /remind command to create reminders. But, I quickly grew frustrated with slack’s failure to parse free from the text.

Fix Slow Namespace Switching in Kubie

Kubie makes it easy to switch across k8s contexts and namespaces. kubie works seamlessly with kubectl and removes the need to specify a namespace or context with each invocation of kubectl sub-command. I’ve been using kubie for almost a year and recommend it whole heartedly. The only issue I’ve encountered is that switching namespaces in large k8s clusters is quite slow.

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